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April 8, 1986 (part 4)

May 19, 2008

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Brunch at McDonalds; take the bus to Quebec; sleep along the way; Fred and I picked up by Mme. Champagne; at her house, we’re both scared — now it’s real; dinner with the family; help daughter with English homework; watch Nordiques game on television; Connie calls; Fred and I retreat to our hideout in the basement.

Chocolate hockey puck

Music: David Bowie & Pat Metheny “This Is Not America”
(Length: 4:29 / Size: 4.2 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 8, 1986 (part 3)

April 9, 2008

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Sightsee around Montréal; dinner at Bavarian beer hall; stop in at “Le Club Sex 969” to ask directions; cute coat-check girl; night of clubbing at The Business and The Passport; head back after not getting in to Thursdays; sleep through alarm in the morning.

Who\'s who of the Canada trip

Music: The Smiths “How Soon Is Now?”, Sly Fox “Let’s Go All The Way”, Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls (Dance Mix)”
(Length: 6:507 / Size: 6.3 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 8, 1986 (part 2)

September 18, 2007

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Arrive in Montreal; rooming with Fred, Dean, and Dan at our hotel; go out for pizza with some of the girls, then Fred and I walk up and down Ste. Catherine street; Montreal is cool because the people speak perfect French and English.

Canada group

Music: Julian Lennon “Too Late For Goodbyes”
(Length: 2:35 / Size: 2.5 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 8, 1986 (part 1)

September 4, 2007

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Miss Poly Sci and French because I oversleep; because I need to finish research on a paper, I also miss English; Mrs. Delaney tells me the work is inadequate, and to get my life organized; race home to pack for Canada; Fred’s parents take us to O’Hare; have time to think about how to straighten my life out.

O’Hare ticket stub

Music: Wang Chung “Let’s Go”
(Length: 2:48 / Size: 2.7 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 1, 1986 (part 8)

August 21, 2007

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Grant and I go to Jodie’s birthday party in Streamwood; it’s been ages since we’ve seen her; Jodie shows us her pictures of the Europe trip, which bring back a LOT of memories; even Grant is feeling nostalgic; suddenly want to talk to Ann.

Trip to Europe, 1984

Music: The Police “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”
(Length: 4:23 / Size: 4.1 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 1, 1986 (part 7)

July 3, 2007

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Go to another meeting at Stu’s; stop by Yorktown to see Grandma and Grandpa at the show; while there I pick up re-mixes of “Sweetest Girl” and “Our House”; ask about getting Madness videos; Grant and I play Subbuteo; Jodi calls me out of the blue; she’s having a party and would like Grant and I to come.

Madness “Our House”

Music: Madness “Our House (Stretch Mix)”
(Length: 2:15 / Size: 2.2 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)


April 1, 1986 (part 6)

June 26, 2007

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Grant back from Pennsylvania; blood pressure still a little high; Grant goes out with Ann to movie; she’s mad at Amy, too, and says I’m acting childish; head over to Pauls’ after work; Grant and I go to Wag’s but he’s in a weird mood so I just drop him off and go to bed.

Pauls’ house

Music: Scritti Politti “Sweetest Girl”
(Length: 1:58 / Size: 1.9 MB / Format: mp3 128 kbps)